Dimensional Inspection Services

Sub-Contract dimensional inspection

CS Precision offers an unparalleled sub-contract dimensional inspection service to its customers.
We have over 30 years experience in dimensional inspection of all types of materials, products and industries. To give our customers even greater confidence in our dimensional inspection services we are accredited through UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 this ensures all our results are traceable to British Standards Specification Our services are designed to be as flexible as our customers require, whether you want to sub-contract all your inspection work or only jobs outside your equipment range or staff capacity we can help, just call us.

Our services include:

  • First-off inspection report (FOIR)
  • Initial sample inspection report (ISIR)
  • Tool trial reports
  • Batch measurements (SPC)
  • Casting proofing / mark out / machine to cast
  • Fault finding by measurement
  • Fixture inspection/calibration
  • Multi-cavity inspection reports
  • Direct comparison to CAD
  • Measurement systems analysis (MSA)
  • Reverse engineering (actual component measurements in CAD model format)
  • Scanning (contact and no-contact)
  • Digitizing of 3 dimensional forms
  • Consultancy service at the design
    stage of new projects, to assist with
    the design of robust dimensioning
    and methods of  measurement that
    ensure a successful product.


We have over 2000ft² of temperature controlled work space available for dimension inspection; we recognise how important a clean structured layout is in maintaining the high standards of work that our customers demand. So whatever the material/ product or instrument you want measuring our Test House and Laboratory is the place to come.


With over 30 years experience in dimensional inspection we recognise the

importance of having the right tools for the job and we have continuously maintained a high level of re-investment in equipment.
We are confident we can provide a solution to your measuring requirements.

Our equipment includes :-

  • 6 CNC CMM contact measurement capacity up to 850mm x 1200mm x 600mm
  • 5 CNC CMM non-contact measurement capacity up to 920mm x 850mm x 200mm
  • 3 Optical Projectors up to 100x magnification
  • Precision Surface Plate with capacity up to 4.5m²


Experienced/Trained engineers

Our inspection engineers are highly skilled at measuring all types of materials and products across a wide range of industries, we are familiar with the different requirements that Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Automotive & Aerospace have in respect to dimensional reporting and are confident that we can provide results and reports that meet those demands. We continually strive to ensure our training programmes keep pace with the latest software developments, thus maintaining the high level of performance our customers have come to expect.